"I would highly recommend Sam to anyone starting their fitness journey"

I started my fitness journey back in March with Sam and I can happily say that 6 months in I have seen huge results from training with his guidance. Not only is there weekly accountability on the training but all sessions are always delivered with a lot of enthusiasm! It has made the journey a lot more fun. I would highly recommend Sam to anyone who is starting their fitness journey, he will help you get the results you want! 

“I just wish I have had started my fitness journey sooner!”

I just wish I have had started my fitness journey sooner! I have been training with Sam for the past 3 months' and in this short period of time I have gained fitness, lost weight and gained strength beyond levels I have ever imagined. After give birth to my son 2 years' I stop allowing time to myself and now I am always looking forward to my next session and "me time". During my sessions Sam always give me a feedback on my weekly nutrition and no no judgemental comments. His PT sessions are a killer but he just know how to keep me motivated. No session is ever the  same and no session is ever comfortable despite increased fitness levels! In addition he taught me how to become a confident gym's user, despite my lack of fitness knowledge. Thank you Sam!!