PowerFX Coaching

Bringing The Power To Your Body and Mind

A Bit About Me

Sam Smetham PT

Power Coaching has been set up with the intention of getting people results! From body tone, sport specific training  or strength goals, I cover it all!

My name is Sam Smetham and coming from a sports and strength based based background I know it all! I grew up riding motorbike sports from 6-18 and then transitioned into strength and conditioning based training.

My Aim is to help coach others to success from all my knowledge and everything I have learned over the past years.

How I Coach…


Custom programs designed and written by myself. Tailored to your own life schedule and preferences. Unlike many other online and 1-1 coaches, it's not just a copy and paste program.


All done through my training app with your own access so your able to track your progress.


In the world of fitness and health, accountability is your greatest ally, the unwavering force that will keep you moving toward your fitness aspirations. With it, you can unlock your full potential, transform your health, and achieve a level of physical and mental well-being that you may have once only dreamed of. 

Expect only the top accountability from us through weekly check ins and daily messaging to make sure your staying on track to your results.